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Yachts, boats, jet skis

Insurance for yachts, boats and jet skis in Mallorca, Spain

The sea stands for freedom – this is exactly the feeling you experience when sailing or doing water sports. This is what makes seafaring so fascinating and passionate. But at the same time the sea as a force of nature also holds many dangers. Anyway with a good insurance it is possible to be free and secure at the same time. A feeling of security is what makes the true enjoyment of freedom possible.

From inflatable boats to superyachts – we offer the right insurance for every vessel.

We will calculate your personal premium individually depending on the boat type, use and application area. In this way you receive the optimum service at best possible rate.

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Liability insurance is obligatory

Liability coverage is mandatory and covers damage to third parties such as to other boats, shipping facilities or bathers. It covers even damage due to the risk of contamination.

In addition to a worldwide liability cover, we offer you a complete package of insurance services for your boat, yacht or jet ski – according to your needs and wishes.

A voluntary liability coverage to extend the obligatory liability insurance is recommended, as well as an accident insurance for the inhabitants.

Personal accident coverage: Death, disability and medical care in case of an injury to a passengers, a water skiers and captains.

Also insure your own boat agains damages, be it against the trunk, engine, rigging, dinghy or nautical equipment. Whether it is partial damage or total loss, meteorological damage, accidental damage, theft or vandalism.

The claim for damages in court to damages caused by third parties to the insured boat, can also be covered by your insurance company, as well as an advance payment of damages.

For yacht insurance we cooperate with the leading companies specialized in this field and offer a comprehensive insurance with all risks coverage. This means that everything that is not expressly excluded is also insured. All risks at sea and on land are covered by the insurance cover. The reversal of the burden of proof applies, i.e. the burden of proof lies with the insurance company. Trailers and dinghies are also insured free of premium.

24-hour claims service 7 days a week

In case of damage, a 24-hour damage service is available 7 days a week. The claims department looks after you quickly, reliably and unbureaucratically, no matter when and where, and takes care of your problem throughout Europe. This guarantees that claims will be settled quickly so that you can sail on quickly.

If you take part in a boat race from time to time, the regatta risk is also insured without additional premium.

Our top insurance services for super class yachts also include liability insurance cover, insurance of personal effects and art objects, cash on board, engine and on-board electronics, transport insurance, construction hull and shipyard cover, passenger accident insurance, war-, strike- and confiscation insurance, protection & indemnity insurance up to USD 500 million, as well as accident and health insurance for the crew.

Moreover we can also offer you the appropriate insurance for aircraft.

Live your passion with safety – then you will always have the right wind in your sails.

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