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Supplemental dental insurance

Supplemental dental insurance in Mallorca

A beautiful smile is priceless. Our dental health has more impact on our overall health than most people know.

In Spain dental medicine is a private matter

In Spain, dental medicine is not integrated into the public health system. Only Private health insurance companies cover dental services to varying degrees, depending on the tariff and company.

Conclude a supplemental dental insurance for only 6.50 € monthly 

Regardless of your health insurance, you can conclude a supplemental dental insurance for as little as €6.50 per month. Children up to the age of 14 can be insured free of charge if one parent is insured.

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The dental supplementary insurance has a network with certain dentists and covers services such as dental cleaning, check-ups, x-rays and extractions free of charge. Fillings for children are also free of charge. For other services, such as fillings (for adults), root canal treatments, dental crowns, dental bridges, implants, orthodontics, additional payments must be made. There is a list of the free services and co-payments that you as the insured have for the respective treatments. Please contact us. These co-payments are the same for all dentists linked to the contract network throughout Spain.

For example, the additional payment for a dental filling is 35.00 €.

You can claim the benefits of the supplementary dental insurance immediately after completion, there is no waiting period and also no health examination.

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