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Sports insurances

Conclude insurance on Mallorca

Ski and Snowboard

Go assured into your skiing holiday and enjoy carefree the winter sport – we will be happy to help you choose the right insurance.

A special skier’s insurance covers the costs of ski accident rescue and medical treatment throughout Europe or, if desired, worldwide.

Family insurance for a contribution payment

And this for the whole family and the whole season with a one-time contribution.

Including to the covered services: the cost of repatriation, travel expenses for a family member during the insured person’s stay in hospital (if the in-patient stay exceeds five days), lost luggage or ski equipment, recovery of lost or stolen identity papers and repatriation in case of death are also covered.

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Golf and Hole-in-One Insurance

Insurance cover for golfers, golf courses and events.

Although golf is not exactly a high-risk sport, something might always happen. Accidents with golf clubs and balls should therefore always be covered from an appropriate insurance.

Fundamentally every golfer on the field should be covered by the liability of the association. And to cover damage to third parties, private liability insurance is almost mandatory and standard for golfers.

It is also worth taking out a special golf insurance policy. This covers expensive equipment and sportswear. Since household insurance does not always cover the entire amount of the golf equipment.

Special golf insurance policies also cover the club fee in case of long-term sickness, pregnancy or relocation and reimburse the green fee in case of breakdowns.

A typical service of the golf insurance is also the Hole-in-One coverage. Because if a golfer succeeds in this proud event, he has to pay for the hospitality in the clubhouse afterwards. Although this is a special honour, it can also be expensive. The insurance covers the costs for the celebration up to a certain amount, so that you can enjoy this special moment without any worries.

Hunting insurance

Hunting is not just a sport, but a passion that requires courage, certain risks and a lot of responsibility. The responsible handling of these risks is obviously for hunters.

We offer special hunting insurances so that you are fully covered in case something should happen during the hunt. With liability coverage of the firearm and the animals, as well as accident coverage of persons. Look calmly forward to the hunting season and enjoy your passion without worries.

Equestrian sports: accident insurance and horse insurance

We offer horse liability insurance for pet owners to cover you if your horse causes an accident.

In addition, there are horse insurances, which in certain cases also cover operations, veterinary costs and costs in case of the death of the horse.

Every rider should have an accident insurance, as there are certain risks associated with this sport. A fall with corresponding consequences happens quickly.

So that you can enjoy your rides without worries – because as they say so beautifully: The happiness of this earth lies on the back of the horses.

We also offer accident insurance for the practice of extreme sports such as freeclimbing, bunjee jumping or skateboarding.

We are also happy to help you find a drone insurance or sports pilot insurance.

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