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Pet insurance

Pet insurance on Mallorca

Animal liability insurance

Also our dogs deserve the best possible protection and care when it comes to what matters! Despite all the love and care you give your pets, they are unfortunately not protected from illness and unpredictable damage.

For these cases you can secure yourself, so that in the times, you want to be at the side of your love, you can take care of it entirely.

  • Should your pet get ill, the veterinary costs can be covered up to the agreed insured sum.
  • If your animal suffers an accident and needs veterinary treatment, there is no upper limit, no cost sharing and everything with free choice of veterinarian.
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The following costs are covered: examinations, x-rays, analyses, ECGs

Surgical procedures, aftercare, home visits, if necessary.

Traffic accident consequences, aggression among animals, bone fractures, wound care, heat stroke, burns, foreign particles in eyes, ears or skin.

  • In case of the death, the cost of funeral or cremation can be covered.
  • If something happens to yourself and you have to go to hospital as an in-patient, the accommodation costs for your pet will be covered for the duration of your stay in the hospital.
  • And of course your pet will also be covered by liability insurance if it is guilty of causing damage to third parties.
  • And not only dogs or cats can be insured, also horses!
  • Not only the death, the transport, the legal protection and the liability, also veterinarian costs with colic, breaks and seams, as well as autopsies can be covered.

For pet owners of list dogs, however dear and not aggressive they may be, there is a legal obligation to take out liability insurance (animal liability) for these breeds.

American Staffordshire Terrier

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Mallorcan hunting dog

Canary hunting dog

bull mastiff

American Pitbull Terrier


Bull Terrier

Dogo of Burdeos

Tosa Inu

Argentine Dogo

Doberman and the Mastin

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