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Nursing care insurance

Nursing care insurance on Mallorca

Private nursing care insurance is also becoming an increasingly important issue in Spain. This is because state benefits are far from sufficient to cover the costs in a nursing case. The benefits in Spain are always cash benefits, because contributions in kind of nursing services are not available.

The probability of becoming a nursing case at some point in life is statistically very high. Anyone can become a nursing case at some point. Even young people, unexpectedly due to an accident or a serious illness.

Nursing care insurance is part of basic coverage

When a nursing case occurs, the burden on the family is extremely high – not only financially. Moreover your own quality of life also depends greatly on whether you have taken precautions or not.

After all, you want to maintain at least a decent standard of living in all circumstances. The responsibility for this lies with each individual.

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It is incredible how little concern many residents in Spain give to this issue, and what consequences this can have in an emergency.

Here, one cannot simply rely blindly on the state social system or the family, but should really take the precaution into its own hands. This is quite easy with an optional care insurance – regardless of whether you want to stay permanently in Spain or sometime move to another country. There are German nursing care insurers who also pay benefits abroad. In the spanish market, too, there is an increasing number of corresponding insurance companies.

The earlier you concude a nursing care insurance, the better. Because the younger you are when you conclude, the lower the premiums will be.

Furthermore, the contributions are taken into account for tax purposes.

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