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Legal expenses insurance

Private legal protection for you and your family

Legal expenses insurance on Mallorca

Legal expenses insurance is not expensive and can save you a lot of unnecessary trouble and high costs. So spare your nerves and your wallet: Protect yourself from legal problems. So that you can relax and unconcerned enjoy your life in Spain, while always being well advised.

The following covers are included:

Legal protection for your consumer rights

This includes, for example, enforcing your rights towards phone companies or electricity and gas companies if bills are too high or if the tariff is unclear.

No more complaint sheets, letters and endless telephone conversations with customer services. Transfer these annoying task to your legal expenses insurance, because you can certainly use your precious time better.

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Also purchases on the Internet or the fulfilment of the guarantees when buying a computer or electrical device – for example – under this segment. Even the enforcement of your rights against insurance companies. That’s why it makes sense to take out legal expenses insurance separately, i.e. with a different company than your other insurance contracts, to make sure that the insurance really works for you and that there is no conflict of interest.

Legal protection against authorities and the tax office

You have received a penalty and doubt whether it is really legal? You have to pay an amount with interest to the tax office because your tax return was incorrect three years ago? Experienced lawyers can advise you and represent your interests towards the authorities and the tax office.

Legal protection around the home

You have disagreements with your neighbor? Your neighbor caused a damage to your apartment?

You do not agree with a decision of the owner community?

The legal expenses insurance takes care of discussions with your neighbours, the president of the community or any other person who is responsible for legal problems in your home. If you have to go to court, you will be represented at no extra cost.

Supplementary Legal Protection in Civil and Criminal Matters

If you are sued because you have caused damage to someone, you will be represented by a lawyer at no extra cost.

For example, if someone is injured on your property or your dog has bitten someone. Or if you are blamed for an accident.

Certification and drafting of contracts

For example, rental agreements or the minutes of the meeting of the owner community.

An experienced lawyer checks whether everything is in order or makes corrections. If necessary, he will also draw up your contracts for you.

Labour law

Information on your rights, negotiation with your company and representation in court in all matters relating to your rights (salary, working hours, holiday entitlement, etc.), your pay slip or dismissal.

Legal advice by telephone

A lawyer will clarify all your doubts via phone. At any time and as often as you like.

Benefits in case of separation and divorce

Payment of an agreed amount to cover the legal costs of the separation. And if your income falls, you will also receive a subsidy for the payment of alimony.

Legal protection for property owners

Special insurance cover for owners e.g. for renting houses, apartments, warehouses, parking lots.

Legal protection for companies

Special insurance cover for companies.

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