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Industrial assurance

Industrial assurance Mallorca

Public liability insurance

If an employee or owner of the company causes property damage or personal injury during preforming professional activity, the resulting claims of compensation are covered by the business liability insurance.

Therefore it is highly recommended that any company closes a business liability insurance, as these damages can quickly be very expensive. As a result, they can be a threat to small and medium-sized enterprises. The company is liable for damages caused by its employees, while performing their work. The business liability insurance covers these damages, whether they have occurred in the company’s own premises, at the customer’s home or in other premises.

Company property insurance

The company property insurance covers the business office, the business premises and the warehouse as property. Moreover its also covers the inventory and equipment, such as furniture or production facilities. It also covers natural hazards such as fire, flooding, storm or thunderstorm damage. As well as damage caused by tap water, burglary and theft.

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The liability insurance is also included, so personal injuries in the business premises are also covered. For example, if a customer slips and falls or if an employee falls from a ladder.

Company precaution

The business interruption insurance covers the ongoing fixed costs, as technical emergency systems and costs for replacement accommodation in case of a business interruption. Then if you are forced to interrupt your business due to a loss, you will still have to bear the ongoing fixed costs.

Occupational health insurance

Taking out private health insurance as a company insurance has many advantages, for both the company and for the employees.

Most important advantages for the company:

  • Tax advantages
  • Staff retention tool
  • Rises the attractiveness of the offered workplace
  • Fewer absence days for employees, as specialist care is possible more readily
  • It is easier for employees to arrange medical appointments outside working hours (Seguridad Social usually only in the morning)

Advantages for the employees:

  • Contribution savings, as the contribution via the company is cheaper
  • Tax savings, because if the same amount is paid out as salary, it would be subject to income tax.
  • Better conditions than for individual financial statements