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Household and building insurance

Household and building insurance on Mallorca

The spanish word “hogar” means: the home, the residence, the household. If one traces the origin of this word, the original meaning lies with “the fireplace, the hearth fire”.

The spanish phrase “Hogar, dulce hogar” is the equivalent to the english “Home, sweet home”…

This is also the name of the spanish house contents and building insurance “seguro de hogar”. This insurance should help you to feel completely comfortable in your home and to not have to worry unnecessarily.

That’s why the benefits go far beyond the mere insurance of the building and its contents. The basic covers are natural hazards (fire, flood, natural forces), water damage as well as robbery and theft. Even in the event of attacks outside the home.

Building and content insurance including third part liability:

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The extensive, private liability for the family and the pets is already included

In this insurance it is usual that, in addition to the building and the household contents, the private liability for the family and the pets is also included.

This is cheaper and also more advantageous in terms of coverage than to finalize the liability insurance separately. Family members (partners and children) and also pets, as long as they are not considered a dangerous breed or species, are automatically covered without having to be listed separately in the policy.

Dog breeds that are considered dangerous can also be insured for an extra charge, but must be specified in the policy.

The liability insurance is of course also valid outside the home, and (depending on the insurance) normally Europe-wide, sometimes even worldwide. For example, you are covered if your child accidentally scratches a parked car with a scooter during a stay in Germany. Or if you bump a shelf in a shop and damage expensive goods. Or if your dog walks on the street and causes an accident.

Liability sums are lower in Spain

Liability sums are often set lower in Spain than in Germany. Usually 300,000 € to 600,000 €, but for a small price difference you can also conclude a liability sum of one million.

Whether you live for rent or own real estate, liability insurance is essential.

Of course, the building liability insurance is also an elementary part of the coverage, be it if you cause a moisture damage in a flat of your neighbor by a defective water pipe. Or if on your finca fuel oil leaks from the tank and the groundwater gets contaminated. These things can be very expensive.

Make sure you have sufficient cover!

For residential buildings, you should make sure that the sum insured is sufficient. We recommend at least 1,000 € to 1,500 € per square meter of living space. In Spain many buildings are underinsured, which leads to the fact that in the case of damage not the entire damage is covered.

Gardens, green areas, terraces and garden furniture should be covered, as should solar systems and vehicles in the garage. Vandalism is also covered.

Furthermore, there are many very useful services, many of which you don’t even know you have. These include a craftsman’s service, IT support, key loss service, legal advice and legal fees, and even pipe cleaning and exterminator services for home.

For household contents it is also important that the sum insured actually corresponds to the value of your goods. This includes all furniture, kitchen equipment, household appliances and clothing. Even the refrigerated goods are covered in a complete protection package…

Special valuables such as high-tech equipment, artwork or precious jewellery must be listed separately in the policy and should also be photographed by you.

It is particularly worthwhile to update this insurance regularly. Firstly, there can always be changes. Secondly, the insurance companies always bring new products with new improved benefits on the market.

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