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Casualty insurance

Casualty insurance Mallorca

Everyone should conclude an accident insurance, because its part of the basic insurance. An accident always happens unexpected, it can happen to anyone and have serious, existential, financial consequences. Both for housewives and for employees, the self-employed workers or pensioners.

Protection against the financial consequences of an accident

As a result an accident can cause temporary or permanent disabilities. The resulting costs represent a considerable burden and are not sufficiently covered by the spanish social security. In addition to the running costs and loss of earnings, domestic help or even a carer is often required.

There are accident insurances only for accidents at work, but also only for private life and leisure time. If you are already insured during your professional activity through the company.

You should be insured in both subjects.

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Accident insurance can cover the following risks, depending on the contract:

Permanent incapacity to work

If, as a result of an accident, no further gainful employment is possible due to physical limitations, contractually agreed benefits can be claimed.

Temporary occupational disability

If the specified profession can no longer be practised for a certain period of time as a consequence of an accident, a daily sickness allowance is paid for up to one year for the duration of the disability.

Full disability

If, as a consequence of an accident, you permanently need help with dressing, eating and moving around due to physical limitations, the permanent presence of a person is required. In this case, you will receive the amount of compensation for total disability agreed in the contract. Moreover some insurance companies also offer a care service, which is taken over.

Death by accident

In this case, the surviving dependants receive a fixed amount of compensation. In case of death in a road accident, the amount of compensation may be doubled. If the insured person and his/her spouse die in the same accident, the minor children also receive double the amount of compensation, which is the same amount as in case of death in a road accident.

Death or disability through a heart attack

If you suffer a heart attack during working hours, it is also considered as an accident at work.

Accident-related hospitalization

You’ll get a hospital per diem.

Medical care in private clinics

Medical treatment required as a result of the accident, including aftercare. In spanish private clinics you get a single room.

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