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Liability insurance

Liability insurance on Mallorca

The private liability insurance belongs to the absolutely indispensable basic insurance. Especially for families with children and pet owners.

However, it is generally essential for every person in our society to insure themselves against claims for damages from third parties that may occur during their lives.

It happens very quickly that one is unintentionally responsible for material damage. If you then have an insurance in this situation that strengthens your back and pays for the damage, you can simply react much more calmly.

Liability insurance has the psychological effect of transmitting a certain calmness in everyday life. Moreover it secures the financial existence of the private person or family.

When taking out liability insurance, an insurance sum must be selected, which then applies to property damage and personal injury. Sometimes there is a lower limit per victim or a small excess.

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Don’t choose a underestimated liability sum

The amount of liability should not be too low, as insurance companies only assume the damage up to this limit.

In Spain it is common that the private liability insurance is included in the building and household insurance . In this way the whole family living in the apartment, including children and pets, is also covered outside the house and Europe-wide.  Spouses, children and pets do not even have to be mentioned in the insurance policy, with the exception of dog breeds that are considered dangerous.

Therefore, premiums are saved as it is cheaper to choose this combination than to take out separate private liability insurance. As long as the amount of liability is sufficiently high, it is perfectly acceptable. In Spain only the liability amounts are often much lower than the European standards. However, these can be increased for a small price difference.

If you are not a property owner, you can also close a household insurance with private liability as a tenant.

But there is also liability insurance available for private individuals, regardless of whether you have a household or building insurance.

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