The diamond concept

Diamonds as a safe and profitable investment opportunity

The diamond in investment quality is a secure asset that protects your assets against inflation and loss of purchasing power.

Some people flee into the US dollar or Norwegian krone and assume that these currencies will protect them from asset losses. Others invest in real estate. Many investors have recognized the diamond as an investment that secures their value. High mobility and stability of value for centuries are good reasons. The diamond has a high stability of value, equalizes the devaluation by inflation and maintains purchasing power. For investors, the focus here is on long-term value retention, combined with global tradability. They appreciate the flexibility of being able to convert the diamonds into the respective currency at any time in any country of the world. Unlike real estate, diamonds are mobile. Value increases and the resulting profits are tax-free after 12 months.

Asset protection through flawless investment

Regardless of the tax rate, this investment is an extremely attractive argument. Unlike precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium), they have no significant fluctuations in value. They do not correlate with other markets. Gold, the “crisis currency”, has in comparison to the diamond extreme fluctuations. Many investors bought gold during the peak phase and were surprised to find that their gold suddenly lost 40% of its value. Diamonds are not affected by these fluctuations. They have an average rate of return of 2% per year, which is about the level of inflation. Diamonds maintain their purchasing power and retain their real value.

The historical price development of diamonds of the finest quality is characterized by low volatility and stable value appreciation. Over the past twenty years, the price of top quality diamonds has risen by an average of between two and five percent per year. Over the decades, we have acquired a high level of technical expertise, comprehensive market knowledge and deep relationships with absolutely trustworthy partners. Thanks to our dense international network, we are able to purchase directly from renowned diamond cutters all over the world. This enables our customers to invest in diamonds at wholesale conditions. We focus on the top of the diamond market, offering our customers only GIA-certified, flawless, white diamonds of one, two and three carats each in excellent qualities.

We select these stones using our own complex process from the R&P matrix. At R&P you invest with the highest security and minimum risk in diamonds of the finest quality and acquire direct ownership. You are therefore in physical possession of your precious stones.

The Diamonds safe deposit box

A flawless diamond of the top class is a transparent investment with style. It protects your assets as far as possible against real loss of value and inflation. With this fascinating gemstone you also acquire an emotional and aesthetic store of value that will give you and future generations a lot of pleasure.

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