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Your partner for insurances & financial investments on Mallorca

Insurance agency & insurance broker on Mallorca

When it comes to insurance, fixed-interest assets or investments, it is important to have a competent and trustworthy partner at your side.

Ramrath & Partner, headquartered in Wesel, was founded in 1972 and has been successfully counseling private and business clients for almost 50 years, now in its second generation.
The team around the managing director Gernot Ramrath works in the Wesel head office – in addition Ramrath & Partner has a branch establishment in Mallorca.

All-round security in a worst-case scenario!

When it comes to insurance issues, the focus is on elementary basic insurance as well as supplementary insurance, which rounds off and supplements existing insurance. So that you are really fully covered in the worst case! Since in Spain / Mallorca there are significant differences in the insurance industry – we counsel you competently, fairly and independently.

Financial investments

In the investment sector, our focus is on fixed-interest investments and discounted fund investments.

Beyond that, Ramrath & Partner offers its clients comprehensive advice in the areas of pension provision and risk protection. Through precise analyses of investment companies, we ensure you security and financial protection.

An individual concept for each customer

The personally tailored concepts for each client go far beyond those of classic business consultancy. Ramrath & Partner offers individual consulting, professional conception, consistent implementation and lifelong guidance. Through systematic selection procedure on more than 680 companies in the insurance, banking and investment sectors, Ramrath & Partner guarantees consistently high quality and an excellent price-performance ratio.

The team around the managing director Gernot Ramrath works in the Wesel headquarters – Ramrath & Partner also has a branch in Mallorca.

Since its foundation, the company has grown steadily and has a broad client base from all social classes. Academics make use of the competent help of financial advisors as well as officials and employees.

Constant changes require regular advice

The present time is characterized by constant changes. Whether at work, in business or in taxes – the situation is changing everywhere: economic and banking crises, euro weakness, political developments, market upswing and noble metal boom, aid package and cheap money for the banks, but a deliberately kept low interest rate level for the investors.

Free of charge for you – check your existing insurance policies and capital investments

You certainly have done something in the past to build up your wealth. Perhaps you have concluded a life or pension insurance or a building loan contract? Perhaps you have your money in your savings account or in a demand loan or fixed-term deposit account? At first glance, its a good decision to establish capital in a short to medium term. But is the rate of return right? In particular life and pension insurance as savings products are true money destroyers.

Let us advise you competently and independently! On the market you may lose fast the overview of the offers. What suits me? Which terms are right so that I don’t lose too much liquidity? Can I get my money in an emergency? That’s why the support of experts makes sense here. No matter whether it’s a one-time investment or a savings plan for children’s or pension provision.

To Do Liste for you!

  1. Arrange a consultation appointment with Ramrath & Partner
  2. Have your current insurance situation & assets checked
  3. Determine meaningful insurance policies and / or investment models
  4. Complement your current portfolio with the Ramrath & Partner concepts
  5. Benefit from more safety and more return on investment with the R&P investment concepts

Social responsibility

Ramrath & Partner is aware of its social responsibility and therefore supports non-profit organisations such as “Médecins sans Frontières“, provides school scholarships, supports educational institutions such as Wikipedia and is committed to promoting children’s sports.

The Mallorca-Assekuranz Team